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Do You Need to Establish a US Company to Sell on Amazon?

Lately, we have shared our blog post on creating a seller account to sell on Amazon US and Amazon’s sales strategies. In this blog post, we will cover whether establishing an US company is required to sell on Amazon US or not.

In the early stages, starting a company is not necessary to sell on Amazon US. However, if you exceed a certain sale threshold, Amazon will require you to submit the details of your company located in the US to tax these earnings. That means you’ll need to establish your company eventually. So, after establishing your US company, creating a store on Amazon US and closing sales will be more regular. Your store will look more credible compared to individual sellers. Your account will be prevented from being closed by Amazon, which would increase your sales.

Starting a US Company

In the USA, establishing a company and getting tax numbers takes an average of 2 months. You can complete the processes swiftly by paying additional fees. However, since speeding up the process will financially cause a dramatic change, the best thing to do is to set up the company when starting sales or apply for company establishment at the right time by following the sales volumes closely.
Delaware is frequently the preferred US state for company establishment. The main reason is that a company does not pay sales tax if there are no in-state sales. Starting a business in Delaware offers many advantages. One of them is that if you establish a company in Delaware (there are other states exempt from sales tax), the primary taxes you will pay are the Franchise Tax paid to the state in June each year and the Federal Income Tax filed between January-March.

To sell on Amazon US, you can establish an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or General Corporation in any state you want.

After setting up your US business, you can apply for an EIN. You can apply for opening a bank account when you receive this tax number. At this point, there are institutions such as Brex, Mercury, and Payoneer where you can open and get a debit card easily.

Establishing your US company, obtaining an EIN, opening a bank account, and providing a company address means having all the information Amazon requests regarding your company. From then on, you can securely submit your details to Amazon and continue making sales. You are all set.

That said, there is only one tax-related process you need to perform, excluding the declaration and tax payments, after completing all the company establishment processes in the US. All US taxpayers file their income tax returns with their SSN. Citizens, particularly resident aliens, without SSN have to file their income tax return with an ITIN. You must apply for an ITIN before tax season.

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